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Last day in post-commie wonderland

This is it! Tomorrow morning I leave Budapest at 7:30 (going to have to get up at 5…ugh) and leave for France. Well, for Bratislava, then Vienna, then Zurich, then Lyon, then Marseille. Actually, that’s not sure yet…I only have a ticket for Bratislava, and a promise that trains run frequently between Bratislava and Vienna, and that they take bikes(!!), and from Vienna I have no idea how I’m going to get to France. And as if the over-complicated train system of Hungary/Europe that was going to put me on that route to Zurich (I thought this was supposed to be simple!!?!) Continue reading “Last day in post-commie wonderland”


On to new things

Today (Friday) I had my last big biking day of this trip, which got me to Budapest, Hungary! After 5 nights here, I’ll be taking a train to France to meet up with friends, so I’ll be living a more sedentary lifestyle and taking a rest from cycling. However, I am only 120 km short of 1,600km (1,000 miles), so I think I’ll still be doing a bit of biking while I’m here to achieve that goal.

Continuing on the note of Australians being everywhere here…they still are. Continue reading “On to new things”

So. Many. Australians.

Seriously, the Australians are everywhere. At my hostel in Krakow (The Little Havana Party Hostel, which was great fun), I had four different Australian roommates and only three from other places (Holland, Israel, and Brazil). Even worse, there were at least ten other Aussies staying the hostel at any given time, and probably fifteen over the course of my four days there. And some of the employees were Australian. I’d say at least a quarter of the people I met there were Australian. I mean, they’re cool people and all, but jeez why are there so many? Maybe even they’ve started to confuse their homeland with Austria… Continue reading “So. Many. Australians.”

Bugs on the windshield

Made it to Poland! I crossed the border on Friday afternoon at Cieszyn (pronounced “chesh-een“); from there I went to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) on Saturday, and today (Monday) I came here to Krakow! The ride to Oswiecim was rough… Continue reading “Bugs on the windshield”

Still pedaling

In case anyone was wondering: No, I’m not dead. I have not been arrested by the Czech police, the Commies haven’t got me (yet), and I’m still in the civilized world where we have wifi. The long pause between posts is mainly due to the end of the tour I was doing with TopBicycle and my inability, thus far, to type while I bike. Also 100km days make me tired, so writing a blogpost on those evenings is the last thing on my mind. Continue reading “Still pedaling”

Picture time

So much has happened in the past three days that I wouldn’t even know where to start to be able to convey how amazing this trip has been so far, so I decided I’d use some pictures as starting points for descriptions and stories. Continue reading “Picture time”

Into the wild

Although it seems like I’ve only been here a few hours, I’ve in fact reached my last day here in Vienna and it’s almost time to leave! (I should actually be packing right now instead of writing this…) Continue reading “Into the wild”

First days and reflections on the City of Dreams

Hello, world!

It’s currently the morning of my third full day here in beautiful Vienna, capital city of Austria. The city is known for classical music, architecture, intellectualism, culture, and history, and that is all I’ve found that it has to offer. It’s a very laid-back, pleasant place, which is great, but it also means that there’s not very much going on (as far as I can see). Continue reading “First days and reflections on the City of Dreams”

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